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Thank you so much for the great work you did on my 2003 Wrangler Rubicon. I never thought when I first bought the jeep that it would have a 7" lift AND 33" tires. It was so nice of you to come out to my house and pick up my new tires and drop off my old ones FREE of charge. I love the way the Jeep looks and I love the way the jeep rides. I just cant wait to get it off road and see how much this Rockkrawler lift can really flex!!! I look forward to getting my nerf bars installed and comming back to visit!!!!

Teddy Horowitz


I just wanted to tell you that the customizations that you did on my 2001 Jeep Wrangler, were great. I always wanted a jacked up jeep wrangler, and you made my wrangler look great!! Everyone there that I talked to were just looking out for my best interest. They were not there to rip me off in any way. (which was real nice) Not only was I treated with all the respect in the world, but GODMUDDERS also corrected a problem that discount tire made. Just to tell everyone who is thinking about jacking up ther truck..... GODMUDDERS IS THE PLACE!!!

Thanks a lot,



I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Bronco. The work is top notch, and it shows in the way the truck rides, handles, and its reliability. Right after it was finished I moved to California and drove the Bronco 2000 miles in 2 days with no problems and nothing but a smooth ride the whole way. I have now been out here 3 months and have yet to see a better built lifted truck. It definitely stands out in a crowd now! I would strongly refer you to anyone looking for a quality-built truck. Thanks for the great job!


Ben Leonard

Dear Godmudders,

I wanted to take a moment and compliment you on your shop. I took my Grand Cherokee there a couple of months ago for a lift and tires. Although the lift I wanted was very small in comparison to most of the trucks you work on, you were more than accommodating. Unlike many other shops, you did not try and talk me into a larger and much more expensive lift-you just explained the benefits of each. I am thrilled with your work and will not have to think twice about bringing my Jeep in there when "mod fever" starts calling again.


Adam Douglas writes:

Just a short note to tell you at Godmudders that you are some awsome people. The service, the knowlege, and the personal care the you people take with each and every person. It don't seem to matter if i spent $1.00 or $1000.00 I am treated the same. I was sitting in the office waiting when I seen when one of there customers came in to pick up there truck. Tammy Schrader took the time before any money was even brought up and explained evey little detail to the person. My personal feeling is Godmudders is a four star company. Thanks again.


I just wanted to take the time to tell you how happy I am with the work you had done for me. I had my Dodge Ram since 1998 and I was looking to have it raised higher and bigger tires. You took the time to tell me my options of what would really fit with what I wanted to accomplish. Also there were no hidden costs. You told me up front the price. When the truck was being built you called me and told me about
what things I might want to do since the truck was apart. You didn't throw it all together and say "hey I noticed a problem you might want to fix later." You did a great job putting it together. The main reason for this email is because of your honesty. After I figured out what I wanted to do and had my truck lifted, I was looking to doing more with it. I wanted to put other accessories on it and instead of selling me the product and to make a buck on labor and parts, you told me straight if it was worth it or not. One example is I wanted to get that cowl hood, but you let me know that with the K&N air filter that was already installed it would not do much functionally but just look good. I was glad to here that because I would have wanted it to function and not just for looks. It comes down to saying you could have lied and said "it will be functional" just to put money in your pocket. Thank you again for being honest you saved me money that I took and had to use for other things like my Honda Civic I use for work. The money I would have spent on something not necessary I used on things I needed to fix my Honda. The Honda runs very well after the steering rack was put in. The dealer gave me outrageous prices and a time schedule that would have made me miss at least a half a day of work. With you I was able to drop it off in the morning and at lunch I was able to pick it up. Great thing was I didn't miss one minute of work. Thanks. I just want to say thank you again for the work a you put into both my vehicles, its nice not to get ripped off for a change.

Steve Krupowicz
Marketer at Founders Bank


I just want to say thanks for suggesting and ordering the SSRs that you ordered for my Jeep. I sweet-talked a tire dealer to mount them that night after picking them up. They handled excellent in the snowy wet weather and have helped me get others out of the ditch. I haven't been able to get into what I really want to test them on (rock), but I'm sure they will work fine. Now I'm looking forward to purchasing the Monolinear (Skyjacker) suspension lift (and all neccessary accessories) and installing everything.

Once again, thanks.

Carl Kozlowicz

Robert Bator writes:

I just had my tires balanced by your shop and just had to comment on my experience. I've been to a lot of the large, corporate automotive chains and never really left their place of business satisfied. Too much rush rush and just hand me your money please and I could care less if you are happy or not type vibes from those places. Well, low and behold there really are authentic people and busines ses out there in this messed up world and Godmudders is one of them. I left your shop feeling like I was truly a valued customer and that the people at the shop genuinely cared about me and my truck even though I was only getting a simple tire balancing done. Needless to say Godmudders will continue to receive my business and the business of all the others I spread the good word to. I hang out on a lot of internet 4x4 posting boards so the word will definitely get out! Thanks again, and by the way, my Jeep is now vibe and shake free. Discount Tire couldn't accomplish that after 4 attempts! Have a great day! :-)

Tony B. writes:

I wanted to leave some feedback on how happy I am with my Jeep and with the work done to it by your shop. The quality is so perfect, and the attention to detail is amazing. Everyone was so helpful in guiding me in my project Jeep. Your shop shows great experience and is a pleasure dealing with. I couldnt be happier.      

Jesse V. writes:

Just wanted to express my appreciation for answering my questions. I live in Salinas, California. I would love for you guys to install a Lift Kit on my Chevy Tahoe but you're just a little too far [away]. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. Keep up the awesome Website.

Ken writes:

Hey guys, kick ass site, I'm glad you guys are doing so well. I haven't been up there in a while but plan to soon.You might remember me, I'm the guy with the black chevy pickup with the plates that say skybox. Steve put a triple double rollbar on it and a bunch of lights and a shit load of suspension work, anyway I saw your ad in the Truck Trader and had to check the site out and it kicks butt.I still have the truck but no time to work on it. I think of you guys everytime I look at that truck and wish it was sitting in your shop having something done to it. Well, great site and I'll see you soon.


Thank you for helping me out over the years, two of them to be correct. You turned my truck into a head turner on the road. It's always nice to see you and Steve with a smile on your face when I walk into the office. Even if it is when I mess something up or ask a dumb question. I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas this year!!!

God Bless from your friend,

'Crazzy J' Jason Aardema


My name is rob and im 13 and I stopped at you shop about a month ago and I saw all of the huge trucks sitting outside and I was in heaven. I think that you guys do a great job of making trucks look great with the lift kits, and monster tires and all that stuff. The other day I was on way to a dentist appointment and at the stop light a huge ford f-350 pulled up next to our van and our van is huge but compared to this thing it made it look like a sport compact. anyways it had stickers on the bumper saying godmudders is truck heaven and lowriders are for guys who cant get it up. but this trucks had a super nice paintjob, it looked like 44in boggers and a 15in lift i mean this thing was huge. and I was thinking someday when im able to drive I can have a truck like that and im gonna bring it to your guys shop. anyways I have to go so see ya layer and keep up the great job on working on guys trucks.

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