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If you're looking for accessories and service, we have what it takes to make your truck tuff. With over 250,000 accessories we offer the finest in aftermarket equipment and affordable prices. Professional and show quality installation available by our trained installers and fabricators. Builders of a dozen or more World of Wheels award winning show trucks, mud boggers, rock crawlers and stadium racers.

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The Truth About You And Your Love for Your Custom Vehicle
It's Coming To An End. Reading this may save you a bundle.

Godmudder's Custom Trucks Has spent over a half of a million in fighting unfair laws and ordinances that we face every day. When we first started this business, many years ago, the four wheel drive industry was going downhill due to unfair laws against the common pick-up truck. The owner Steven Schrader has taken on over 15 villages and the State of Illinois and has beaten them on every charge brought against him and his company. In the beginning he asked for assistance from the Specialty Equipment and Manufacturers Association (SEMA) and received no assistance. They claimed they could not help. The only help and assistance Mr. Schrader had is from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration and United States Department of Transportation with documentation and Federal Law concerning the alteration and manufacturing of motor vehicles winning every case from equipment violations Mr. Schrader and many of his customers received. Mr. Schrader filed suit for damages. Upon this action Mr. Schrader had to take action and make arrangements to move his business and home to the State of Indiana to avoid the possibility of harm to his family from threatening phone calls from unknown sources, if the law suits were not retracted. Threats of harm to his family are not worth it any more. Now relocated in Indiana , the truth can be brought out.

If you have a legal problem with your modified truck, feel free to call Leland McNally at (312) 609 – 6490

What new hurdles do we now face?  Are you insured or not?

It is another sad day in the custom vehicle industry. January 1 st  of 2005 is a milestone for the insurance industry. We have had many calls and questions about, "what do I do now?" My custom car or truck is no longer insurable.

Yes it is true. AllState, Farm Bureau, State Farm, Geico and even Progressive insurance companies will no longer insure a modified vehicle.

Any motor or driveline modification that will increase performance or horsepower from the original manufacturers design will no longer be an insurable vehicle to be driven on the street

Any motor vehicle with a suspension modification to include a lift or lowering kit, sub frame, c-notch, frame modification or use of air or hydraulic suspension will no longer an insurable vehicle to be driven on the street.

This includes Street Rods, Muscle Cars, and Four Wheel drive trucks and SUV type vehicles.

This will not apply to an antique or collectable vehicle as long as it has been returned or restored to its original manufactured design.

This also includes companies that make these modifications. Many companies that make these modifications are not insured to do this. Companies that are not insured to do this may also be in violation of Federal laws for rendering a motor vehicle that was in service legally to no longer in service legally if it is still operated on the roads as modified.

Companies that would be permitted to make modifications for street use will be properly insured.

This would include a garage keeper liability and a product liability policy. Some larger companies are self insured through bonding.

Ask to see proof that the shop you are intending to use is insured and insured properly. If they are not and you are involved in an accident, it's you who will suffer.

Companies that are permitted to make the modifications will be regulated by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. You can go to NHTSA web site and look up manufacturers who are recognized and regulated to make the necessary modification you seek.

Don't lie to the agent that your car is stock to get insurance coverage. Insurance is the law in many states. If you don't tell them the truth, you are going to go down a very rough road.

All State has taken the stance to notify all the states authorities that require insurance, other than no fault, if they stop a vehicle that is modified, or a modified vehicle that is involved in an accident, that the modified vehicle in not insured under any terms according to their policies.

Guess what.

You just been had and will have to fight a ticket and fine for not having any insurance, you may also depending on the situation, lose your homeowners, health and medical insurance if it's through the same company.

Once again we have sent e-mails to (SEMA) informing them of the changes in the insurance industry that will affect the aftermarket automotive industry. We stated to (SEMA) that its time they take this threat for real, this will affect them also. -NO RESPONSE.

Take the time to check your policy and ask if you are really insured. Call your agent and get it in writing including the modifications you have. A simple, “you're covered” from your friendly insurance agent won't cut it in court.

If you do have a problem getting insurance, contact (SEMA).  Ask them what they are going to do.  You paid good hard earned money to get your car or truck looking cool.  This money was paid to companies that SEMA supports and promotes. If these products are that good, why can't we get insurance coverage with these parts on our vehicles?  

It's time for the truth.  No more lame excuses of check with your local authorities or for off road use only on the box.  If it's not good enough to be safe, stop making it, or keep it off the road. Statistics have proven that percentage-wise more modified vehicles are in accidents than any other. This is why we may all suffer now. I have seen some of the worst products in the world, poor fitment to poor quality or both.  Now you add an aggressive or in experienced driver to the mix.

Godmudder's Custom Trucks is proud to say there has never been a claim against our company for poor quality products or workmanship since we have been in business. We plan to keep it that way. It is you, the customer, who is number one to us when it comes to safety.

Please drive safely. Our cemeteries are full of heroes, don't try to be one.

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GODMUDDERS Now works on Boats
If you visit this site often you know, most of the GODMUDDERS portfolio is made up of pick-up trucks and Jeeps. Well not anymore. Now we work on vans and boats. If you want it customized, we can fabricate it. Maybe we should change the name to:
GODMUDDERS custom truck (jeep, van, and boat) manufacturing.
New Readers Rides again ~HOLY COW~
Yes, that is an Excursion.
Keep the cult alive, submit your truck picture today. Send us the picture of your truck, if it's tuff enuff (like this one is), you'll make our Reader's Rides Gallery.

(non-GODMUDDERS fabrication work, some readers rides have been aided by
GODMUDDERS with parts and with expert diagnostics)

HEY, we made truck of the month on Jesse James' Monster Garage. Here's the link to the Discovery.com site. Jesse, why you messin' with our boy Rich W. on Monster Garage?
Jesse SABATAGE. Get real. Here's More from Rich's interview on Discovery.com
New GODMUDDERS Monster Truck
Chicago Outlaw

Here are some fun pictures for your desktop from practice sessions:

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the Northern Illinois Show Truck Association.


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